Defence, Intelligence, and Extremism: Dealing with Contemporary Conflict, A Joint CASIS Vancouver /SFU Event

On 16 November 2018, CASIS West Coast based in Vancouver will be hosting its first annual conference under the theme Defence Intelligence, extremism, and contemporary conflict. The conference will be held in Vancouver, B.C. at the Wosk Conference Room, Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University. 

This conference features renowned specialists in the field of intelligence, radicalization, identify conflict, and fifth generation warfare. This forum for dialogue provides critical perspectives on responding to modern threats, highlighting and identifying the shape of contemporary conflict and state based warfare.This conference will involve panels of experts focusing on both sides of the extremist spectrum, and examining the operational dimension of the intelligence function of the state.
The Conference is thematically split into Security and Defence aspects. Security and intra state issues will be addressed during the morning session and state based Defence posture addressed in the afternoon session. The event is preceeded by CASIS roundtable on November 15th and concludes with a Mess dinner ( uniform ) event on evening of November 16th.
Enquiries may be made to info@casisvancouver.
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