Conference Topics

These topics and speakers are subject to change.

Greetings and Opening Remarks: Identity and Contemporary Conflict: Fifth Generation Warfare?  presented by CM Kelshall, President of CASIS Vancouver 

Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr, RCMP Commanding Officer E Division (British Columbia): Indigenous Conceptions of Security 
Dr. Barbara Perry, University of Ontario Institute of Technology: Is There an Emerging Threat from Far-Right Militias in the West? 
Dr. Anthony Celso, Sectarianism, Failed States, and the Radicalization of Sunni Jihadist Movements: From Al Qaeda to the Islamic State  

Panel 1 Extremism
Brad Galloway, Coordinator of Against Violent Extremism Network & Consultant at Life after Hate Inc.: How Might Extremist Counter-Narratives be Shaped 
Mubin Shaikh, Former CSIS Counter-Terrorism Operative: Perspectives on Islamic Extremist Terrorism post-2017 
Jeff de Groot, CAF JTF2 & Private Military Contractor: Tactical Preparedness in Canada: Are we ready? 

Panel II: New Roles and Challenges in a Complex Conflict Environment presented by:
Dr. Nicole Jackson, Simon Fraser University: Responses to Russian Hybrid Threats: Is there a Role for Canada?
Lt. General Charlie Bouchard, CEO of Lockheed Martin Canada: Canadian Military Engagement: Lessons Learned in Latvia, Afghanistan, and Libya
Cdr. Bryan Price, HMCS Discovery: Cyber Warfare and the Centre of Gravity
Cdr. Jason Kelshall, TTCG Liaision: Joint Inter Agency Task Force, SOUTHCOM: Dealing with the Conflation of Organized Crime & Terrorism: ISIS in the Carribbean

Panel III: Intelligence and Contemporary Conflict presented by: 
Adj. Professor Greg Fyffe, Consultant and President of CASIS Ottawa: Canada, Five Eyes and an Evolving Conflict Environment
Professor Wesley Wark, University of Ottawa: Next Generation Intelligence: Expanding Intelligence Partnerships 
Col. (Dr.) J. Paul De B. Taillon, Royal Military College of Canada: Intelligence Operations: The Role of Special Ops in Countering Terrorism

Closing Remarks presented by Anne Giardini, Chancellor: Simon Fraser University
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