Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare:
A practitioner focused publication.

The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare (JICW) is a bi-annual journal published by SFU library and the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies. This journal will be distributed to a variety of institutions and each issue will provide readers with perspectives from law enforcement practitioners, policymakers, military officials and academic researchers on pertinent issues, in multiple disciplines. The journal will speak to the current literature and emerging trends and patterns regarding evolving threats, hybrid warfare, issues in national intelligence, and global security challenges. The JICW is a double blind peer-reviewed practitioner journal and we encourage submissions from all disciplines. The JICW will put out a call for papers bi-annually. Volume 1 Issue 1 was published in May 2018. Volume 1 Issue 2 explores the theme of Defence, Intelligence, Extremism: Dealing with Contemporary Conflict and will be published in November to coincide with the CASIS Security Conference  in November 2018.  Volume1 Issue 3 is a special proceedings issue summarising the papers presented at the CASIS West Coast Security Conference It will be released in January 2019.

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The JICW is designed to present contextual thought pieces, briefing notes and research, with the specific objective of ensuring that new research is shared widely within the practitioner community. Majority of its content takes the form of Briefing Notes. It is a forum for practitioners, academics and researchers to communicate directly with decision makers and tactical operators, on emerging threat patterns, extremism and violent non-state actors. Reservist and full time practitioner authors provide first-hand knowledge from the field. Roundtable discussions are captured and recorded for dissemination via the journal. There is a section for longer, more considered pieces of academic, scholarly work and other research on contemporary security enquiries. It is specifically designed to straddle the academic and practitioner spheres so that both communities can be in direct contact with emerging trends in national security and defence in a two way directional flow. The journal is explicitly designed to allow contemporary research to be quickly and easily digested by law enforcement and other practitioners and researchers. 


Volume 1, Issue 1

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 3

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