Identifying the Next Generation of Warfare

This project is designed to create a database of incidents which demonstrate an increase in violence between intra state groups which threaten state authority. Examining a shift in the nature of the combatants in contemporary conflict seeks to highlight the possibility that violent transnational social movements as well as violent ideological movements present a significant threat to the state and its cohesiveness in addition to traditional threat notions such as insurgency and terrorism. Previous generations of war are state vs state or group versus state focused.

The notion of Fifth Generation Warfare examines the possibility that a new generation is evolving where groups within the state move through phases of extremist thought, conglomeration via social movements and then expressed as violence. This action may be viewed as a direct threat to states as the response by the state arguably strengthens group causes. The methods of violent expression may be hybrid in nature and emphasize the use of information warfare and a reversal of the ‘power to the edge ‘concept, which inform the principles of net centric warfare.