About RWE Research Project

Under the direction of Adjunct Professor Candyce Kelshall, and Research Lead Caitlin Manz

This research project focuses on identifying the presence of the Right-Wing Extremist threat across the West Coast of North America. Its role is to monitor the scope and depth of the extremist sentiment, with the purpose of measuring any appreciable growth in the RWE threat, and its implications on the West Coast of North America. One faction of this project will focus on pinpointing a way to recognize the build-up leading to the transition to violent extremism. To do this, counter narrative workshops will be conducted in high schools, which will deconstruct violent narratives, and facilitate critical thinking amongst Canadian youth, seeking to halt the radicalization process, and illuminate when individuals begin to associate themselves with extremist rhetoric.

The Right Wing Extremism Research Projects fits within the scope of our Fifth Generation Warfare Research Project as a case study of identity based group on group conflict.