CASIS Vancouver provides a forum for practitioners, academics, experts, and students of security and intelligence to engage in critical debate on issues of national and international security.

Through monthly meetings featuring speakers and providing an online community of members, this forum addresses issues concerning emerging threats, strategic warning, theoretical and practical debates on identifying new challenges and responses, etc. 

The outcomes of discussions, debates, and reports are made available on this site for the purpose of sharing multiple perspectives. 
This forum is intended to bridge the practitioner and academic community and to encourage critical evaluation of current paradigms, enhance understanding of root causes of security challenges, and provide alternative perspectives on controversial security issues. 

By interacting with active and retired professionals from the security and intelligence community, academics and students will gain an understanding of the practical application of theories, concepts, sources, and methods of the craft to enrich analytical reports and learn about the multiple dimensions of relevant issues.

The Product
Each round  table generates a Briefing Note which include Key Points and Key Takeaways. There is a focus group and survey conducted for each event. These are designed in consultation with each speaker. These resources are available to members for research purposes. Members are encouraged to submit questions which might inform their ongoing research or assist with security problem solving initiatives.

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